Welcome to the Umbraco installation

Thanks for downloading the Umbraco CMS installer.

You are just a few minutes away from getting up and running. The installer will take you through the following process:-

  • 1.Accept the easy to read License.
  • 2.Set up a database. There are a number of options available such as MS SQL Server, MS SQL Express Edition and MYSQL or you may wish to use the Microsoft SQL CE 4 database. You may need to consult your web host or system administrator.
  • 3.Set an Umbraco Admin password.
  • 4.You can then choose to install one of our great starter kits and a skin.
  • 5.But whatever you do don't forget to become part of the Umbraco community, one of the friendliest developer communities you will find. It’s what makes Umbraco such a great product and so much fun to use.